Essex Dry Stout [Recipe/Brew Day]

My hose thawed out enough to provide a trickle of water, so I took this as a sign that I needed to brew a new beer. I have not made a dry stout before and I recently picked up a vial of Essex Ale from White Labs, so this was my clearly my next batch.

essex dry stout 2

Aside from the slow hose water and cold, the brew day was uneventful. I hit my numbers and had everything sitting in my fermentation chamber and cleaned up in 6 hours or so. My OG is 1.043 fermentation really took off between 12-24 hours after pitching. I build up a nice sized starter (3L) and packaged about 1L in 4 jars for future beers (thinking of an English IPA or ESB). I decanted the rest and pitched it into both carboys. One note of interest, this will be the first beer that I have used ClarityFerm on.


  • I plan to blend¬†cold steeped espresso with¬†half of this batch

Possible Issues

  • Threw campdem into the boil instead of the strike water. It probably was too late for the chlorine
  • Color is a bit too brown currently, most likely by the large amount of sediment being kicked up by the fermentation

I fixed the brown color by doubling my roasted grains and adding it to the fermenter. That recipe is now reflected above