Keezer Build

I’m starting to get my keezer together. This weekend, while in the middle of the mash for my American Pale Ale, I decided to get a few coats of paint on the chest freezer.


The chest freezer has a glossy finish, which had me concerned. However, the paint I bought stated that it is fine on bare metal, you just need to double up the coats.


My first coat looked terrible, which means my concern was growing. The paint said to wait four hours before applying the second coat, but I had to get more coverage than this. I waited 5-10 minutes (pretty much made it back to where I started) and added another coat. This one covered completely and looked good.


I”ll update this post as I keep working on it.

Edit 8/13/2014 First I built the inside collar to add some strength

And then I screwed the full sized collar to the outside.


This now gives me 26.5″ clearance above the compressor hump.


Almost done. Need to mount the drip pan.

Drip tray installed and stained


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