Brew Day – Berliner Weisse

This is an impromptu brew night. I received inspiration for a Berliner Weiss, so I have decided to cram it in between my brew weeks. This one may be cutting it close, as I plan to brew my APA when my LHBS receives my 7C hops.

I am brewing Jamil’s recipe from Brewing Classic Styles, but have switched up the yeast for German Ale. It attenuates a little better than European Ale, so it should perform a little better in the acidic environment. For a starter I will pull 100mL off of the boiled wort (not worried about the 4IBUs of hops).

I picked up a cheap Ale Pale from my LHBS, so that will now go into my sour equipment. I also have an old auto siphon that will be dedicated as well.

My goal is to hold this wort at 115F for 2 days, then chill it to 67 and pitch the German Ale yeast.

Edit 7/26/14 2:50AM: Always check ALL of your equipment. I woke up feeling that something was not working right. I went downstairs and saw that the temperature has dropped to 110F. I plugged a fan into the heating side of my temp controller setup, waited 10 minutes, and saw that it never kicked on. I tested it two weeks ago, but must have knocked something loose. Unfortunately I need to get up for a charity event in the morning, so I can’t fix it tonight.

Edit 7/26/2014 8:30 Last night I woke up at 3:30, concerned that I wouldn’t make this batch work. So I took the reptile rope and carefully coiled it around the bucket. I then decided to plug it directly into the power strip. Now, 5 hours later, so am sitting dead at 110F. Talk about luck. Hopefully by tomorrow the lactic acid will soured to a nice head start, so then I can drop it and pitch the ale yeast. Gravity 1.033

Edit 7/27/2014: Gravity is at 1.030. Refactometer (used only to monitor movement) is at 7.2. No noticeable sourness yet, but the malt flavor has started to soften

Edit 7/29/2014: pitched the yeast at 65F. Set the chamber to 67F. 7 brix.

7/30/3014 3.5 Brix. Weird slight honey aroma and flavor


Recipe – Marzen/Oktoberfest

Ever since I first heard it discussed on the Brewing Network, I have been impressed by the “Tasty Method” of lagering (can’t remember the real name). Now that I have my fermentation chamber humming along, I can more precisely dial in my fermentation temperatures. I plan on a 21 day Oktoberfest as a test, split with two different yeast. I listened to Doc’s recipe from the Brewing Network and tweaked it with the one from Jamil’s from Brewing Classic Style. I am looking for a dry (why I upped the Pilsner and dropped the Munich. I also plan to mash around 152) and refreshing beer with a complex malt profile and enough hops to balance it out. Due to the 21 days in my fermentation chamber, this beer will conclude my Summer Brewfest 2014.


  • OG 1.054
  • IBU 23.5
  • SRM 9.5


  • 10lbs Pilsner – German
  • 6lbs Munich
  • 5lbs Vienna
  • 1.5lbs Caramunich


  • 60m Hallertauer – 20.1 IBU
  • 20m Hallertauer – 3.4 IBU


  • Batch 1: WLP 833 – White Labs German Bock Lager (76.00% attenuation)
  • Batch 2: WLP 830 – White Labs German Lager (79% attenuation) or WLP 838 – Southern German Lager ( 76% attenuation)

Edit 8/19: This beer was going to conclude my Summer “Brew-a-palooza”, but that honor is now going to my partigyle on September 6th.

Edit 8/24 I opted instead to halve the recipe and only go with the WLP 830. The brew day went very smoothly and I successfully made my first pH adjustment.

The Numbers

Mash pH= 6
1.5tsp of lactic acid brought it to 5.35. Could go lower, but decided to not push it

1st runnings – 13.8bx pH=5.5
2nd runnings – 4.4bx pH= 5.6
3rd runnings – 3.2bx pH= 5.7

Preboil – 9.8bx (1.038 )
Into fermenter – 13.4bx (1.053)

Edit 8/29 When I pitched a few days ago, this thing took off like a shot. Krausen was up within a day. Now it’s been bubbling along happily at 50F. I plan to raise it to 53F tomorrow morning (or tonight before bed) and 56F tomorrow night.

Edit 9/14 Finished at 1.013. I wanted it a little lower, but it tastes dry enough to be sessionable. It finished at 5.2%

Recipe – 7Cs American Pale Ale

I had a very nice pale ale a year ago on firkin and it had an awesome flavor of grapefruit that paired nicely with the malt backbone. I was reading about the Falconers Flight 7Cs blend, so I figure if I late hop with some Citra and Cascade, I can pull those flavors from the bittering addition and showcase the grapefruit amongst the citrus.

For a 5 gallon batch

10 lbs 2 row
.5 lb C40
Mash at 152

1.5 oz 7Cs – 30min (31.7 IBU)
.5 oz Citra – Whirlpool
1 oz Cascade – Whirlpool

Wyeast 1056 American Ale at 65F