11 Gallon Brew Day – Pumpkin Ale – 09/29/2013

Had a very uneventful brew day when brewing an 11 gallon version of our new Pumpkin Ale recipe. I learned that my friend Robertino’s Keggle actually heated up 11 gallons of strike water in the same amount of time it takes me to heat up 7 gallons in my 8 gallon pot. I have two kegs sitting in my yard, time to make my own.


Doubke Pumpkin

We hit out OG a bit low, mainly because I made a miscalculation with Beersmith. I measured the gravity and it seemed off, so I tried to compensate, not thinking that my estimated OG included the brown sugar that we hadn’t added yet. Live and learn and it still hit an OG of 1.060 (instead of 1.062). A few points off, but not detrimental.

The new copper manifold that I added to my mash tun tore through draining the first runnings and sparging. I was afraid of a stuck sparge, but I may not have even needed the rice hulls I added as we had hit our estimated volume in no time.

keggle Stike water being heated

mash Mash with 4lbs pumpkin


first runningsFirst runnings

brown sugar Adjunct Sugar

ice bathIce bath – Immersion didnt cut it due to ground water temp

brew dayWatching those yeast have sex! Temp has been holding in the swamp cooler at 64/66 all week.

Edit: I pulled a gravity reading and currently at 1.017. Should have waited a day since I couldn’t taste it, but SWMBO said it was good!

10/10: Color is great, light spicing, very tasty. Should be ready to bottle soon. 6 brix (not that it matters being fermented)