Fermentation Chamber Update

Unfortunately my Centennial Blonde spent most of today 4-5C above my target temperature. Because of this, I’ve decided to beef up the insulation on my fermentation chamber. I added two more 2x4s to the collar and added 3″ R-10 insulation on top of the 3/4″ R4. I’m now debating setting a board to block most of the opening of the fridge and setting a computer fan inside of it. Or maybe I’ll turn the fridge sideways and install a fan in the wall, this way I don’t have to open the chamber to add ice.



UPDATE: I just built a fan to move air when I seal up the fridge. I’ll embed it in some foam-board that will sit in the opening, however, if this works I may actually turn the fridge sideways, re-attach the door, and cut a hole in the side wall for the fan. This way I can add ice without opening the chamber itself.



Update 2: The chamber is maintaining 18.5C with swapping out frozen soda bottles twice a day


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