Bottling Bucket Hack

I saw online a nice hack for bottling buckets, whose spigots are always too high, involving tipping the bucket forward. For $1 I found a PVC elbow at the big box construction store, that allows me to use water pressure and drop the remaining beer level. I am now left with 2 cups in the bottom of my bucket, 1/2 if I slightly tip it forward. This allows for a few more bottles over my former system.




Centennial Blonde

I cracked the first of my Centennial Blonde today. I may not be excited by the style, but the beer I feel is very good. I need to make friends with a BJCP judge so I can get real tastings notes.

Overall impression: A very clean beer. May not be overly exciting, but I feel it is a refreshing beer that will be refreshing in the summer heat.

Color: Amber
Clarity: Clear, but not crystal
Aroma: Slight malt, slight floral from hops
Flavor:Slight malt with some dryness. Clean tasting. Balanced.
Mouthfeel: Medium-light body. Medium/high carbonation. Smooth.


Whirlpool Hop Addition

Just read an article in the latest Zymurgy discussing session IPAs. In the article it mentioned for whirlpool additions of hops, whirlpool for 15 mins before starting your chill.